First Love – A strong Feeling like Heaven


That is the story of Tanya and Aman. This is a story of love, care, tear, feelings and innocent emotions. So let’s start my story. Tanya is very innocent and a cute girl and intelligent too. And Aman is a kind of funky guy and he always wants to do fun and he is an average student. The story begins from first day of the engineering college in IT (Information Technology) department. Everyone is scared because of raging and all know about raging in engineering and MBBS colleges.

Tanya enters in the class and she sees her branch seniors already in the class and they are getting ranging to all branch juniors. When Tanya has entered the classroom her senior Aman stopping her and asks her name.  Tanya innocently told her name and move on her bench and recently a lecturer are entering in the class. And because of watching lecturer, all senior has moved out from that classroom. But Aman feels insulting because Tanya not giving the more attention to him. Then Aman thinks, he will do officiousness to Tanya. In the next day again the same thing will repeat but that time Aman has to do misbehave with Tanya. Aman again asked the name to Tanya she said and when she turn to move for the bench Aman has held her hand. Tanya was confused why he does this? Then Tanya turns and asks him “what are you doing”! Aman said nothing but your hand is so beautiful and soft so I thought to touch it. That was very strange feeling to Tanya and she totally upset by this behavior of Aman. She thinks to raise the complaint against to Aman but she doesn’t, because she never wants to break the career of Aman. But Aman always officiousness to Tanya in college and Tanya will always try to Abstain by Aman but she is unable to do this.

Tanya is the very intelligent girl but due to all these problems and ranging issues she is unable to concentrate on her study and she got the average result in the first semester then she decided to directly talk with Aman. She will go next day in the Aman’s class and she said Aman sir I want to talk with you, Aman has shocked and in front of all, Aman has, again and again, doing insult of her. In fact, he crossed all the limits of raging he kissed her in front of all classmates. And because of it, he was sacking from the college for 2 months and Aman is now crazier to taking revenge by Tanya.

After two months when Aman will again come to college he just found the Tanya and unfortunately Tanya and her one friend are seating on the stairs. Tanya’s friend (Priya) are talking with Tanya about Aman like he join the college and he will try to revenge with you so what to do now. Tanya said about Aman “he is not a bad guy but he doesn’t know what he wants and I never want break his career and you (Priya) know that I don’t want to get him sacking at college but…”! Aman was behind both of her and listen to all the communication but Tanya and Priya don’t know about him like he standing behind her. No one can think like Aman has got the change in nature and behavior. Aman has started to taking his life very sincerely and he stops to officiousness Tanya. But one more things also changed in Aman that is he feels about Tanya. That is a feeling of love, care etc. When anyone trying to take raging of Tanya he stops them and Aman is watching to Tanya in breaks and actually he want to talk with her and want to say sorry.

That time will come soon. One day Tanya is studying in library and Aman are also in a library for collecting some books and he sees Tanya has there. He goes and said Tanya; I want to talk with you if you have 2 seconds so can we talk? Tanya; Sure wait for a minute. Then Tanya said; “yes sir please tell me what happened” then Aman said; “actually, I am very ashamed for which I did with you, so I am really very sorry”. Tanya gives the sweet smile to Aman and said it’s Ok! And said no need to say sorry and she moved. Aman is now on the top of the world because Tanya gave him a sweet smile that is the first time when Aman feels Tanya by heart.

One semester is passed away with the game of Hiding and Seek kind of love. Aman is really very stupid because now Aman is in final year and he still doing the same thing like look away from far but never told to Tanya about his love. He tried lots of time but he scared about to think her answer. But he decided in the farewell party he confess his love and proposed her. Now the farewell party time comes and Aman prepares for the proposing her and he finally confess his love with Tanya in front of all. He said, “Tanya, I know I am not a perfect guy for you but I really love you so much and I never want to expect my life without you”. But the Answer was very shocking by Tanya said “Aman Sir: I am a Widow” and she crying because she never thinks that moment comes in her life. Aman is now totally confused and he doesn’t know what he speaks of her. But Aman is really a nice guy and he told “Tanya, my feelings never will change for you and I will marry you, if you feel same for me so just tell me, I will talking about you in my family, and I am waiting for your answer”. Tanya not gives the answer and moved from the party. Aman always trying to contact her but he never got the success. One day Tanya left the message on Facebook to Aman, Message is “Aman are you still love me, actually I don’t know what is wrong and what is right and I also love you but I don’t have the courage to told you, In fact  never had the courage to accept you proposal”! When Aman was seen that Message Aman is really very happy and a story will stop with the marriage of Aman and Tanya.


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