Time and Situation


Time and Situation always create the moment,

Sometimes it goes forward to bitter and sometimes it go forward to better!


Love and Care make the moment surprising,

But result may be hurting or may be wedding!


Night give the wonderful dreams,

Not know when convert it in the nightmare or it will be sweet fantasy!


Friends always a words who never leaves us,

But some friends left in the needy moment, and some never leave you in end of the life!


Father always shouted on his children,

But he always fights for saving his children!


Mother always Nervous for the fault of her child,

But always show the strangeness for protect her child!


Brother and Sister a best buddy of life,

They fights, they hurts but still supporting in whole life!


Wife a respected women of this world,

Who leave her childhood home for making the beautiful house of another one (husband)!


Children a cute and soft hearted real leaving toy of house,

They complete the family with the sweetest smile ever!

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